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Training and Education

“Lack of information on drug use and treatments was a huge factor in fuelling families’ initial ineffective reaction to problem drug use. Family Support addressed this by providing accurate information which allowed families to understand what they were dealing with. This also allowed them to begin to separate their responses to their child or loved one, from their response to the addiction and thus to begin to reconcile the conflicting emotions they experienced”. (NACD, 2007:89)

Many family members, family support groups and family support networks participate in training courses or invite speakers to discuss issues relevant to their group, network or community. This has proven to be very beneficial and can provide family members with the information, knowledge and skills to better cope with the drug use of a family member.

There are many different types of courses and training programmes, for example addiction studies courses, holistic therapy training, motivational interviewing and counselling. Please see the directory of courses and training programmes on drug misuse in Ireland available on http://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/php/courses.php.

If your group has any questions or needs any advice with regard to training or information inputs you can also contact the National Family Support Network directly.

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