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In this section there are a number of different resources that can be used by family members, family support groups or facilitators of family support groups. Included in this section is information on funding sources, relevant training courses and respite locations that have been recommended by members of family support groups.

In addition to this the website shows a number of tools that can be used by groups or family members that support them to examine their own needs. The seven stages of coping with heroin use identified in the NACD study ‘The Experiences of Families Seeking Support in Coping with Heroin Use’ (2007) describes the different stages families may go through when coping with a loved one’s drug use. Family members, support groups and family support workers can use this tool to identify or support family members to identify which stage they feel they are currently in. This can give an indication into the progress families have made or help family members identify their needs.

Another useful tool in this section is the wheel of change that describes the process of addiction. The good practice guidelines available to download here are very helpful if you are interested in setting up a group or wish to review the practice, processes and/or procedures of a current group. 

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