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Statement from the NFSN Management & Staff

In the wake of the recent revelations about the financial mismanagement and poor corporate governance in other charities, we wanted to reassure you, the members and service users of of the NFSN, that the organisation holds itself to the highest standards it can and considers itself to be an honest and transparent organisation.

Our audited accounts are available by clicking here, and are always signed off by our independent auditors. We owe a huge deal of thanks to our diligent financial administrator and finance & administration committee, who ensures that all payments made are above board and backed by receipts and invoices.

The improper behaviour exhibited at another registered charity will rock confidence in all Irish NGOs, and we can understand why people will be hesitant about placing their faith in any organisation within a sector so tainted after these scandals.

Despite these misgivings, we ask you to continue to support the work of the NFSN. We are proud to serve you in an open and honest way and will happily answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability.

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