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Public Statement of Compliance with Governance Code

The NFSN are very pleased and proud to announce that we are now fully compliant with the Governance Code.  We would like to thank the volunteer management committee members and staff members that put so much hard work in over the past 16 months to get us to this point.

What is the Governance Code?

The Governance Code is a resource to assist community, voluntary and charity (CVC) organisations develop their overall capacity in terms of how they run their organisation. It a voluntary code provided free to all boards/committees/ executives of not-for-profit groups to encourage them to check themselves against best practice in the management of their affairs.

The Code has been put together by people with extensive experience in the CVC sector and it takes account of the different types of organisations which exist in the diverse world of volunteering across the country.

How is the Governance Code managed?

The Code was first developed between 2010 and June 2012 by a group of individuals drawn from a range of national organisations who came together under the shared vision of creating the resource that is the Governance Code. ​
Since its inception, this group has worked under the banner of ‘The Governance Code Working Group’ (GCWG) not only to develop the Code but to ensure its continuing relevance to the sector and the wider Irish society.

The GCWG is currently made up of representatives of eight national organisations and one private sector consultancy who have worked on a voluntary basis on the process. The members have a wide base of contact with the whole Community, Voluntary and Charities (CVC) sector.

The GCWG meets regularly to oversee the adoption of the Code by the sector and to address any issues that arise including communications, promotion, technical matters for interpretation and engagement with stakeholders. It engages with the CVC sector and in the public and business spheres. The GCWG has sub-committees on Communications, Technical and Resourcing matters.

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