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National Drug Strategy Progress Report - February 2019

The National Drugs’ Strategy ‘Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery; a health led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017-2025’ launched in July 2017. As we pass the 18-month mark since its launch, we explore the progress of key actions which are particularly relevant to family members affected by substance misuse.

The National Family Support Network (NFSN) advocated consistently for families during the consultation phase of the strategy and are now represented on the Standing Sub Committee (which meets every month) and the National Oversight Committee (which meets four times a year). These committees monitor the progress and implementation of the National Drugs’ Strategy. In this report we will outline updates under each of the 5 goals and the relevant actions regarding families.


The full link to read the progress report is available below. Please note that actions progressed by NSFN are stated in bold to differentiate actions tasked to other agencies

Link to full progress report

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