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Invitation to Tender: Evaluation of Young Persons’ Support Programme

The National Family Support Network invites tenders from individuals/organisations experienced in qualitative research and consultancy to undertake an evaluation of the Young Person’s Support Programme. The Programme was launched nationally in 2013 and supports young people living with substance misuse

Background and Context:

The National Family Support Network (NFSN) is an autonomous organisation which supports families living with substance misuse in Ireland. The priority work areas of the organisation include; development and outreach, training and best practice provision and the advancement of policy and research to improve the lives of families living with substance misuse.

The Young Person’s Support Programme (YPSP) is a programme for young people between the ages of 11-17 who are living with a family member affected by substance misuse. The programme consists of ten 1.5-hour modules which are run weekly in a group-based setting using a variety of methods including; group discussion, individual reflection, role-play, creative play, arts and crafts and games. NFSN developed this programme with the consultancy group Quality Matters and an expert advisory group including representatives from Tusla and a range of youth and community work organisations in 2012. NFSN piloted the programme in three geographical locations and positively evaluated the pilot in 2013 using the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire and the Perceived Stress Scale. The programme continues to be run by youth services and family support services nationally.

An evaluation of the programme is necessary to identify its effectiveness and impact in supporting young people effected by substance misuse, in the five years since it was last evaluated.


The purpose of this tender is to contract a suitably qualified individual/organisation to conduct an evaluation of the Young Person’s Support Programme in order to; assess its impact on the young people participating in the Programme and assess the impact on the workers who are facilitating the Programme with young people. Further, this evaluation is necessary to identify strengths, weaknesses, blocks, gaps and opportunities to review/amend the operationalisation of the Programme. The outcome of this evaluation will be used to identify if further action is needed to amend or develop the Young Person’s Support Programme, its accompanying materials and promotion, in order to improve its effectiveness.

Key Steps:

As this project will involve young people adherence to the highest research ethical standards must be demonstrated. The successful candidate should apply for ethics themselves and should demonstrate how they will do this in their application.

  • Consultant researcher to conduct brief literature review and document study of the development of the YPSP and its accompanying manual/materials alongside other interventions/programmes currently run for this cohort of young people.
  • Consultant researcher to design a questionnaire for professionals who have facilitated the YPSP and a questionnaire for young people who have completed the programme to inform qualitative interviews
  • Consultant researcher to identify 5 individuals/organisations with a geographical spread of urban/rural locations who have run the YPSP and 15 young people who have completed the programme to arrange interviews
  • Consultant researcher to carry out interviews with identified participants
  • Write up of findings and recommendations, including presentation of report to NFSN


This project should be completed no later than March 2019.


The Budget for this project should not exceed €11,000 (Inclusive of travel and subsistence) Separate funding amount can be accessed to print and design the evaluation.

Requirements for Submission:

Please submit your tender application no later than 11am Wednesday 5th December 2018, by email (aoife@fsn.ie) and include:

  • An overview of your organisation/Personal Profile and its/your experience in research
  • Outline of work on similar projects and links to same. An understanding of addiction, youth work and psychosocial education interventions is desirable.
  • Outline of your ability to apply for ethical approval and demonstration of knowledge surrounding this process
  • Profile of research personnel to be involved in the project.
  • Outline of the methodology and approach to the research
  • Timeline for completion.
  • A breakdown of total costing, inclusive of VAT.
  • Tax clearance certificate.
  • Contact details of two recent professional referees who can be contacted.

Enquiries to:

Aoife Frances
National Family Support Network

This research is made possible by funding provided by the HSE Social Inclusion Unit.

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