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International Annual Overdose Awareness Day - August 31st

International annual overdose awareness day is this Friday August 31st. The focus of this year is to raise awareness about the availability of Naloxone, Naloxone is a product which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. This year is particularly exciting because Naloxone has just become available in nasal spray form, before this it was only available as an injection. A prescription for Naloxone is available from your GP, the product itself can then be accessed at your local pharmacy. The prescription for Naloxone can only be given to the person who is using drugs however they can bring a family member with them and get two Naloxone products, meaning their family member/loved one has to Naloxone too. If your loved one ever has a problem getting access to Naloxone please let NFSN know or our partners in UISCE ((01) 8733799)


As part of International Overdose Awareness Day this year there will be three regional training events in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. These events are for people who are actively using drugs, they can come along on the day and get trained in how to use Naloxone and a prescription for the product on-site.


Dublin; Merchant’s Quay Ireland; Riverbank Building, 13 Merchant’s Quay Dublin 8; 9.30am-5pm (just drop in, training takes about 15 minutes)


Cork; Cork Simon Day Centre, 9 Anderson Quay, 11am, 1pm and 3pm.


Limerick; Novas Initiative, McGarry House, 7 Alphonsus St, Limerick, 10am-4.30pm(just drop in, training takes about 15 minutes)


It is really important to note that his training is not for family members, however NFSN are hoping to  provide training to family members in the coming months and we will give you the full details when they are arranged.



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