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Thank you for 10 years of support! Watch our highlights video here

2017 was a big year for NFSN and we are so glad that we have shared it with friends old and new. We don’t have room to list everything we got up to, but here are a few highlights!

This year we made our voice heard during the consultation of the new National Drug Strategy and as a result the experiences and needs of families affected by substance misuse are detailed throughout this whole document. From Drug Related Intimidation to child to parent violence, we are committed to developing the actions included in the strategy to ensure that families all over Ireland benefit from more supports.

This year we trained over 60 more people in the 5-Step Method, this intervention is so important because it recognises family members as in need of support in their own right, it enables practitioners to provide non-judgemental support to families affected by substance misuse and to help them with how to cope with difficult circumstances.

This year we continued to develop and support family support groups around the country, our facilitator’s network provides a safe space to problem solve, skill share and identify issues and development needs for NFSN to support groups with and we will continue this work into 2018.

We are so often reminded in our work of the devastation of drug related deaths on families and 2017 was no different, we were able to support families affected through our bereavement support programme and referral to support groups and to celebrate the lives of those lost in a spirit of dignity and hope in our annual service of Commemoration and Hope, which we will be holding again on Thursday February 1st 2018. We also continued to represent families on the National Naloxone Project and we will continue to make this life saving training available to families in the New Year.

We took over 120 helpline calls this year and met with a huge number of families for one on one support, we know that a listening ear and a moment out of the crisis and devastation is so important to family members and this remains at the core of our work.

This year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary as an autonomous organisation, as with this facebook post we cannot capture all of our work for the year but this video, which we showed at the launch party, might be an easier way to understand our work.

We have always said that families affected by substance misuse are the bravest, most resilient and special people in our communities and homes and we cannot wait to work with you all again next year.

Happy Christmas and a happy and safe new year.

The NFSN team

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