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Quality Standards in Family Support & NDS Consultation 25th Feb 2016

Many thanks to everybody that attended on the day.  The event was a huge success and highly productive.


Event for Family Support Group Facilitators

We would like to invite facilitators of family support groups throughout the country to an event that will take place on the 25th of February 2016. One of the main purposes of this event is to provide a time and space to discuss quality standards in family support. We know and value the great work and support which facilitators of family support groups provide to family members throughout the country each and every week. We want to learn from you what the vital components in a good quality family support group are and how the National Family Support Network can help groups to function at their best.

As you are also aware the next National Drugs Strategy is being drafted in 2016. The NFSN is represented on the National Drugs Strategy Steering Committee. We want to ensure that we are representing family members accurately and so we want to hear from you what the current issues and frustrations are for family members and suggestions for how things can be improved. Please do ask members of the family support group you facilitate their thoughts on the following three questions before attending:

1.What are the main issues currently facing family members?

2.What are the limitations of the support on offer?

3.What two things would you do if you were the Minister for drugs to help family members?

You will be given an opportunity on the 25th of February to discuss this feedback from the family support group you facilitate.

This event MUST be pre-booked as space is limited, please contact the office on 01-898 0148 to book.

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