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First AFINet International Conference, 9th - 11th November 2018

The Addiction & the Family International Network are hosting their first International Conference on Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of November, Newcastle-On-Tyne, UK.

This will be a great opportunity for workers to network and learn from others from all across the world. More information is available at the below link:

From AFINet -
There are more than 100 million family members (and close friends) of people with addiction problems who suffer by being close to someone with an alcohol or drug or gambling problem. These Affected Family Members (AFMs) are neglected by policy makers, commissioners of services, practitioners and researchers.

AFINet is an International Network dedicated to bring together these researchers,policy makers, commissioners and practitioners to make the lives of these AFMs better. This first AFINet conference is of great importance. You will:

• Get ideas of the best work from across the world (more than 25 countries currently have at least one AFINet member),
• Have the opportunity to network, and collaborate on further research, practice and policy development projects,
• Help set the agenda for future work to be undertaken to improve lives for these AFMs.


More information is available on their website: http://www.afinetwork.info/afinet-conference

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