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5-Step Method Training for 2019 - Next training Dublin 12th & 13th June

5-Step Method Training - 2019

NFSN has organized another 5-Step Method Training on Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th of June 2019 in NFSN Office, Gardiner Row, Dublin 1, that is open to professionals working with families affected by a loved one's drug use. This is a great opportunity to learn vital skills for helping family members.

The 5- Step Method Training (overview)

A group of academics and practitioners and their major NHS and academic institutions in England have been collaborating together, and with numerous other individuals and organisations from both across the United Kingdom and also elsewhere in the world (particularly Mexico, Australia and Italy). This group (the UK part of the Addiction and the Family International Network (AFINet)) currently has four core members: Richard Velleman, Jim Orford, Lorna Templeton and Gill Velleman, although others (eg Alex Copello) used to also be a part (for more information please see the biographies provided at this link). Most recently, AFINet-UK has joined with the National Family Support Network (NFSN) to create a further very strong partnership.

The early research of the AFINet group indicated that the needs of family members had been largely misunderstood and ignored, and that there was very little help available to support them. What they heard inspired them to try and fill a clear, and obvious, gap in research and practice in this area. Therefore, they set to work on a research and development programme. From their research they developed the stress-strain-coping-support model which summarizes the experiences of family members who have a relative with a drug or alcohol problem. They have also worked over the last two decades to develop and test the ‘5-Step Method’, a brief psychosocial intervention to support family members in their own right who have a close relative with an alcohol or drug problem. The evaluation of the 5-Step Method has shown a reduction in the strain experienced by family members concerned and affected by a relative in their family who has developed a serious alcohol or drug problem. These gains have often had a knock-on effect on other family members including both children in the family and the drug or alcohol using relative.

To qualify for training candidates must:

Work with family members
Agree to attend the 2 days training in full
Commit to becoming an accredited practitioner
Agree to the criteria for participation
Agree to use the Family Member Questionnaire with family members
Be supported to implement the method in their work


Accreditation is essential to ensure best practice in the use of the intervention. In order to be accredited trainees need to submit 5 audio recordings (1 per step) of their work with a family member which will then be assessed against the criteria; when they are met, accreditation follows.

Cost of 2 day training session including accreditation & lunch on both days: €395.00 per person 

To book a place or to enquire further please contact training@fsn.ie or call 01-898 0148

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