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Local/Regional Networks

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What are the benefits of being part of a local or regional family support network?

Family support groups and members benefit by:

  • Networking with similar groups and sharing information, ideas and experience 
  • Reducing the stigma associated with drug use within the locality or region 
  • Knowing that problems do not have to be solved in isolation – there is support available from the Network for families of drug users
  • Having a collective voice in the development of policies focussed on families

Blanchardstown Local Family Support Network 

Coordinator: Philip Keegan
Contact: 087-2656996

Cork Family Support Network

Coordinators: Lisa Hurley
Contact: 085 1050140

North East Region Family Support Network

Coordinator: Gwen McKenna
Contact: 087 9046405 / 042 9355251

South Western Family Support Network

Coordinator: Noreen Ardill
Contact: 045-877991 / 083-3796852

South East Regional Family Support Network

Coordinator: Breda Fell
Contact: 051 312010 / 086 6045805
Web: www.serfamilysupportnetwork.org

Tallaght Drug and Alcohol Task Force Family Support Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Grace Hill
Contact: (01) 4649303

Contact Us

National Family Support Network
5 Gardiner Row, Dublin 1, Ireland

Phone: +353 (01) 8980148
Fax: +353 (01) 8889628
Email: info@fsn.ie
Web: www.fsn.ie

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