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About Us

Privacy Policy

The National Family Support Network Privacy Policy is available here: Privacy Policy

Mission Statement

The National Family Support Network is an autonomous self-help organisation that respects the lived experiences of families affected by substance misuse in a welcoming non-judgemental atmosphere. It endeavours to provide accurate information for families by developing personalised services that meet the real identified needs of families.


The National Family Support Network operates with a strong community development ethos. The Network is a peer led organisation committed to promoting the empowerment, inclusion and participation of its members. Collectivism and voluntarism are key operating principles as is a focus on process.


The overall aim of the National Family Support Network is to improve the situation of families coping with substance misuse by developing, supporting and reinforcing the work of family support groups and regional family support networks, by working for positive change in policy and practice and by raising public awareness about the problem of substance misuse for families and communities.


The principle objectives of National Family Support Network are to:

  • Raise awareness of family support work and its role within the community
  • Highlight the importance and value of work done by family support groups
  • Provide information to families and communities on existing services and supports
  • Highlight the extent of the drugs problem and its effects on families and communities
  • Campaign for better services for drug users and their families
  • Support the involvement of the people most affected by the problem in the development and running of services and to ensure that adequate supports are put in place to enable this to happen
  • Remember and commemorate those who have died as a result of substance misuse
  • Offer support to each other as members of the Network
  • Develop the Network as an autonomous, professional, national organisation

Broad Areas Of Work

The above objectives are achieved through undertaking the following work:

  • Providing support to families, family support groups, and family support networks
  • Providing or procuring educational and training inputs for members and others involved in the delivery of service to families
  • Undertaking policy work
  • Activities to promote awareness
  • Service of Commemoration and Hope
  • Strategic planning and review

Contact Us

National Family Support Network
5 Gardiner Row, Dublin 1, Ireland

Phone: +353 (01) 8980148
Fax: +353 (01) 8889628
Email: info@fsn.ie
Web: www.fsn.ie

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